Our Firm

Paul Bolen, CFP®, Travis Moore, MBA, CFP®, AAMS®

Cornerstone Financial Strategies, LLC is an independent financial planning and consulting firm. Our office is located in beautiful historic Summerville, South Carolina.

At Cornerstone Financial Strategies, LLC, we specialize in total financial planning for families, business executives, military and government personnel. Our company is an exclusive group of Certified Financial Planners and Associates who provide complete and objective investment advice to our clients.

Through our programs and services, we advise our clients on the problems caused by inflation, taxes, and money mismanagement - all vital issues in today's rapidly changing economic times. We focus on alternative solutions and provide recommendations designed to achieve financial success for our clients.

Our approach to the problems of today's economy is unique. We apply sound financial principles and techniques that are designed specifically for each client. We do not represent any one company, but instead represent our clients to the marketplace - providing solutions that are both objective and comprehensive. Our clients' personal goals always come first!